Walk to the Cross Friday 7 AM - 6 PM

Register for: Prophetic Art Workshop ~ April 25 & 26; The Holy Spirit & the Spirit World with Brother Michael W. Smith of Hardcore Christianity in Phoenix AZ June 20 - 21.  Healing conference scheduled May 24 is being rescheduled. No worship service this Sunday 4/20.

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Soul Care Opportunities:

* Counseling Cooperative: Amy Noakes

* Prayer Appointments: Diane Bonine

* Healing & Deliverance: Paula Gronland

* Aroma Therapy: Lesya Campbell

* Support Groups: Ellis Noone

* Spiritual Direction: Stephanie Friant & Debra Forsyth

March 2014 - To me, The Blessing House is like a room of Heaven come down to earth. Every time I come in, I am still in awe that such a place exists. I was in desperate need of peace and quiet and even more of the presence of God. I feel that in that place, my soul is being restored in ways I do not even yet know. The only danger coming there is that I never want to leave! But when I do leave, just knowing it is there, waiting for me, is an unspeakable comfort. I have moved many times in my life. The house my family lives in now is a rental house. The church I go to is not a traditional church. In my life, there has been no sacred place to be. Because of God's amazing goodness and provision, I now have that sacred place, a place I never could have imagined: The Blessing House. EH


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